Professor Mohammad Abusamak founded the Amman Eye Clinic in 2006 in Amman (Al Khalidi Street) where he was the anchor of all the practical benefits he received during his medical career.

Amman Eye Clinic is one of the most advanced and fastest growing clinics in Jordan. It provides treatment for patients with frequent or rare eye disorders and is always at the highest level with the latest technology. The reputation of the clinic lies in deep specialization, in innovative therapies and in simple intervention, which is more accurate than older eye surgery.

The clinic team consists of specialists in the field of ophthalmology, who work in the care of patients, from diagnosis and planning of operations and follow-up patient after the operation. Prof. Mohammed Abusamak plans to perform eye surgery carefully, and detailed advice is given to patients before and after the procedure, in order to achieve the best results.

Dr. Abusamak Eye Clinic offers many services such as:

  • Treatment of diseases and surgery of retina
  • Phacoemulsification and Premium lenses
  • Vision correction operations.
  • Treatment of glaucoma.
  • Comprehensive Eye Examination.
  • Treatment and surgery of Keratoconus.
  • Examination of the eyes of children and preterm infants.
  • As well as cosmetic eye surgery.

Dr. Abusamak Eye Clinic also boasts the latest medical devices, such as Retinal Imaging (the first device in Jordan to use this technique).

Dr. Abusamak’s great scientific and surgical expertise has helped hundreds of patients recover or improve their vision through eye correction, Cataract removal and retinal repair.

Your choice and trust in the Amman Eye Clinic is a source of happiness for us. So we try our best to solve your problem and provide advice and advice accurately and clearly.

Our results are impressive – and thank God – in laser eye correction, LASIK, FemtoLasik, Intracorneal rings and more.

Our clinic is easy to reach and provides ample time and comfort for patients and their companions. Please note that the car parking is free of charge.