Amman Eye Clinic

Dr. Mohammad Abusamak/ Amman Eye clinic is located at Aqayla Medical Complex building number 34, on Ibn Khaldouns st. (a.k.a. Al-Khalidi Hospital st.)

For reservations call +962799482400

Land phone +96264611370

Location Map

Free Parking for our visitors

We offer our visitors and clinic patients free parking at Faidi's Parking Garage that is located behind Rawhi's pharmacy. Please refer to the image to find out Call our clinic for directions and parking free pass 0799482400

What to bring with YOU


When you come for your appointment please remember to obtain and bring the following:

  • Drivers License or a valid ID
  • Insurance information
  • Referral Letter (if required)
  • Reports, X-rays, MRI’s, CT scans etc and any other relevant information
  • List of medications (if any)

Consultation Information

As part of a full eye examination, your pupils will be dilated and this will make your vision blurry for approximately two hours. It is important that you do not drive during this time. If you have sunglasses please bring them with you as this will help with glare. We recommend that you allow to be at our

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