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Easy appointment, no delays, accept most insurances, free reports, high quality Ophthalmic consultation and examination

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We offer comprehensive eye care for all members of family. Child's eyes clinic,cataract care, retina treatments and LASIK solutions. Children eye exam is available for a variety of coniditions

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Comprehensive Eye Care

Advanced Imaging Center

Top-of-the-line imaging technology for every part of the eye. First Dyeless OCT Angiography in Jordan. Sirius Corneal Topography, DRS and Visual Field Testing is also available

Welcome to Amman Eye Clinic ….Excellence in Eye Care

 Dr. Mohammad Abusamak a leader in advanced eye care, a consultant ophthalmic surgeon a graduate of the famous school of Medicine at the University of Jordan.  He holds the Arab Board of Ophthalmology Certificate and the American Fellowship in Diseases and Surgery of Retina and Vitreous from Henry Ford Hospital MI USA.

Dr. Abusamak is a well known academic teacher who worked as Ass. Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Jordan School of Medicine and Teaching clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at the Islamic Hospital Ophthalmology Department.

When deciding on a physician and clinic for your vision correction procedure or retinal examination, consider the benefits Amman Eye Clinic/ Dr. Mohammad Abusamak can offer you:
  • Dr. Mohammad Abusamak has performed vision correction surgery, phacoemulsification for cataracts, retinal detachment surgery, vitrectomy, argon laser, intravitreal injection on thousands of eyes since 1993. We worked inside Jordan in University Hospital, private sector and outside Jordan in arabic countries as well. The clinical experience we have is well established that gave us our good reputation in ophthalmology.
  • We have the most advanced in-house diagnostic imaging systems: Angio-OCT (the first in Jordan), DRS fundus photography and Sirius topography among others.
  • There’s one fee with no hidden charges and free enhancements, if needed, for a year following your procedure Lasik or laser vision correction.
  • Convenient access to post-operative care at Amman Eye Clinic located at the heart of Amman
  • Great results for refractive surgery —at one month post-procedure, 100% of our patients see 20/30 vision or better without glasses, 99% see 20/25 or better and 90% see 20/20 or better.
  • We are young highly motivated eye care doctors, technicians, administrative professionals.
  • ًWho aim to perform high quality ophthalmic care as personalized to meet each patient needs and to pass his/her expectations at an affordable service cost.
  • Dr. Mohammad Abusamak and his team offer a wide array of medical and surgical treatments for the retina, cataract and refractive surgery services.
  • We are committed to providing every patient with the highest quality of medical care by emphasizing excellence in all aspects of patient management.

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Our goal is to address each patient´s needs through personalized treatment while upholding a professional level of care.

Our Values

Our values represent the guiding principles that bind Amman Eye Clinic and its staff and govern our daily actions.

  • Excellence in providing services in a superior approach and exceeding the highest expectations of those we serve.
  • Compassion of being aware of and responsive to physical, emotional, psychological and intellectual needs of others, reciprocating in a considerate manner, and respecting dignity and value of each person.
  • Integrity in performing activities which are morally right, and being honest in our manner of conduct with others.
  • Efficiency in conducting our daily activities in the most competent, productive, and cost effective manner.
  • Creativity in developing new, innovative ways to serve the community as we adapt to our changing environment.
  • Leadership of continuously seeking opportunities and taking the initiative to work in and with the community.

people talk

It feels great to save the vision and put a smile on our patients faces. Its always touching and nice when you receive a thank you from a patient that we treat as family.

I had PRK treatment at Amman Eye Clinic done by Dr. Mohammad Abusamak. I am happy for the results and the nice professional way during my surgery. I highly recommend it
M Zarou
Supervisor KHMC
Thank you for your kind care of my mother. She is now happy after having cataract operation. My thanks to Ms. Suhair for helping us
Siham Ali
Its great pleasure to know you Dr. Abusamak. Thanks for your care and help
Abdullah Al Anzi
Worker Suadi Arabia
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